Saturday, October 24, 2015

the first post.

Once upon a time, I would have described myself as a girl who loved to be creative. My favorite thing to do, ever since I was little, was to create. I would just sit and start making, without really being sure what I would come up with. It was truly therapeutic for me; a prayerful, joyful, satisfying kind of thing.

Of course, back then, I also would have also said that I desired to be a wife and a mother. I always pictured that those two things would go well together! But, I now find myself in my early years of being a wife and a mother. And while, of course, there is much joy to be creative energy seems to be seriously lacking!

 It takes some major effort for my mommy-brain to even figure out how to set aside time in the day for making things and being creative,  let alone the effort of getting out supplies and just starting on something. The few times I've sat to work on something, I have found myself just kind of staring at my desk, not sure where to begin. Then, Sadie wakes from her nap, or it's time to pick Emmylou up from preschool.

There are lots of ways a mother can use her creativity each day, but the actual act of sitting down and making something on purpose - that I miss. I am a Christian, and I do trust God for this. I truly do believe He has had a purpose in me setting this part of my life aside for a few years. But now, it seems I am sort of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel- no comparing motherhood to death intended!- and I'm ready to start trying to make things again.

And so, that is kind of why I want to try blogging again. I thought this little blog could be a way to help me to be more intentional in pursuing creativity in this season of life. I was so excited when my friend Heather emailed me a month or two ago , asking if I would be interested in blogging ! I've always had the idea in the back of my mind, and her email helped convince me to try.  ;)

A desire of mine with this blog is not only to encourage other mothers who find themselves in a similar place -figuring out how to find time to be creative, with all sorts of children and toys and mess underfoot!- but also ,

figuring out how to be okay with :not: being able to find as much time to be creative as we'd like!! We can find joy and contentment there too, if it's where God has us. There are dishes to be scrubbed, little mouths to feed and wipe, curls to comb and little hands to hold. There is beauty and purpose in these mundane moments -that often crowd out alone-with-our-own-thoughts time. I need this reminder daily.

I also will just talk about some of my favorite things, like vintage children's books and lace curtains and floral wallpaper and such- hope you don’t mind! Maybe I'll share a recipe here and there, and little tricks and happy things that have been a help in my motherhood lately.

Mostly, I will probably be talking about what God is teaching me in this season of life in which He has placed me-specifically learning to be thankful and intentional in motherhood. This is where everything makes sense for me, and finds its proper place.

Also, a warning - I am feeling very dumb and silly with layouts and blogging technique and such, so please be patient with me! Ok, that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by! And bearing with this rambly first post. :)

Until next time, and hopefully soon !,


This photo was taken one Fall ago, when Emmy and Sadie were first getting to know each other.

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